Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Maldives

February 21, 2023 0 Comments

Maldives is an archipelago of over 1,000 small islands in the Indian Ocean. It’s known for its luxury resorts on private islands and beaches, as well as its scuba diving and snorkeling sites. Here are the top 5 tourist attractions in Maldives:

1. Male: The capital city of Male is the most populous city in Maldives with a population of over 100,000 people. It’s located on an island of the same name and is home to many government buildings and businesses. The city has a busy harbor where you can watch ships come and go, and there are also several mosques and museums to explore.

2. Maafushi: Maafushi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Maldives thanks to its beautiful beaches and clear blue waters. There are plenty of resorts to choose from if you want to stay on the island, or you can take a day trip from Male if you’re short on time. Snorkeling and diving are both popular activities here, and there’s also a lively nightlife scene if you’re looking to party into the early hours.

3. Biyadhoo: Biyadhoo Island is another great spot for beach lovers, as it boasts powdery white sand beaches fringed with palm trees. It’s relatively quiet compared to some of the other islands in Maldives, making it ideal if you’re looking for a more relaxing vacation. There are plenty of water sports on offer too, including jet skiing, windsurfing and parasailing.

4. Kuramathi: Kuramathi Island is well-known for its luxury resorts which offer an array of facilities such as spas, swimming pools and restaurants overlooking the oceanfront . However, there’s still plenty to do even if you’re not staying at one of these establishments – head to Turtle Beach where you can swim with turtles or go scuba diving at one of the many reefs close by . If that sounds like too much effort , simply relax on one Kuramathi ‘s beautiful sandy beaches instead .

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