Lazer Canday

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Laser candy is a type of candy that is made with a laser. It is usually made with a sugar or corn syrup base, and it can be flavored with anything from fruit to chocolate. Laser candy is often used as a decoration on cakes and other desserts, but it can also be eaten by itself.

Lazer canday is a type of candy that is made with lasers. The process of making this candy is very intricate and requires a lot of precision. The end result is a candy that is very colorful and has a unique flavor.

How Does Laser Candy Work

Laser candy is a type of confection that uses laser light to create images or words on the surface of the candy. The process begins with a sugar or chocolate base that is coated with a layer of white powder. A stencil is then placed over the candy and a laser beam is used to burn away the powder, revealing the dark color beneath.


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