Gold Price In Pakistan

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Gold prices in Pakistan are determined by international markets, with the local gold rate being based on the latest global trends. The current gold price per tola (11.664 grams) is PKR 98,914 and 24K Gold Rate Per Gram is PKR 8241. The highest ever recorded gold rate was on May 5th 2020 when it reached PKR 111,924/tola and 9195/gram for 24k.

Prices can vary from city to city due to local taxes or surcharges so always check a few different places before buying. Factors that influence the price of gold include oil prices, inflation rates, currency exchange rates as well as political and economic conditions around the world which can all cause fluctuations in demand for precious metals like gold.

The gold price in Pakistan is an important factor for many people who are looking to invest their money. Recently, the gold rate has seen a steady rise due to global factors such as geopolitical tensions and rising oil prices. This makes gold a great option for those looking to diversify their portfolio and take advantage of investment opportunities that can potentially yield good returns.

There are several ways that one can purchase this precious metal in Pakistan, ranging from jewelry stores and banks to online retailers. With careful research and consideration, investors may be able to capitalize on attractive rates when buying this valuable asset.

How Much is 1 Tola of Gold in Pakistan?

1 tola of gold in Pakistan is currently worth around Rs. 98,742 rupees (approximately $610 USD). This is based on the current market rate for 24 karat gold, which is the standard measurement used in Pakistan’s jewelry and gold markets. The price of 1 tola can vary depending on the quality and purity of the gold being purchased, as well as fluctuations in international exchange rates.

What is the Price of 1 Gram 22K Gold in Pakistan?

As of June 2020, the current price for 1 gram of 22K gold in Pakistan is PKR 4,869. This rate fluctuates as it is based on international market prices and can change from day to day. The price also varies depending on the purity of the gold, with 24K being more expensive than 22K due to its higher degree of purity.

In addition to this, prices may vary across cities and jewellers so it’s always best to shop around before making a purchase.

What is the Price of 24 Carat Gold in Pakistan?

The price of 24 carat gold in Pakistan is currently Rs. 102,743 per tola (11.66 grams). This rate fluctuates continuously and changes on a daily basis depending on the international market. The current gold rates are determined by factors such as demand-supply, inflation and other economic conditions that influence its value in the country.

It is always advisable for buyers to check the latest prices before investing in gold so they can get the best deal possible.

How Much is Pakistani Tola?

The Pakistani tola is the traditional unit of measurement for gold in Pakistan and is equal to 180 troy grains or 11.6638038 grams. According to the State Bank of Pakistan, as of August 2019, one Pakistani tola was worth approximately Rs4,844 (or $29.88). This value can fluctuate due to market conditions but it remains a constant standard when weighing gold in Pakistan.

Gold Price in Pakistan 22K

The gold price in Pakistan 22K is currently trading at Rs. 88,079 per 10 grams, with the 24k rate being Rs. 93,895 per 10 grams. The prices are subject to change depending on factors such as currency exchange rates and international market conditions. Gold has traditionally been used as an investment option by investors due to its stability and value over time which makes it a viable choice for those looking for long-term returns.

Gold Price in Pakistan Per Tola

The price of gold in Pakistan per tola is Rs. 86,944 as of today. Gold prices have been volatile over the past few years due to a variety of factors including international trends and local supply-and-demand dynamics. The price fluctuates daily based on the market rate for gold internationally and the currency exchange rate between Pakistani rupees and US dollars or other foreign currencies.

It is important for prospective buyers to keep an eye on both global and domestic influences when deciding whether or not now is a good time to invest in gold.

1 Gram Gold Price in Pakistan Today

Today, 1 gram of gold in Pakistan is priced at Rs. 4,716 per gram. This price is slightly higher than the international rate due to the cost of import and export duties levied on the precious metal. The current market rate for gold has been quite volatile over the past few months, so it’s wise to keep track of any changes and adjust your investments accordingly.

Gold Price in Pakistan 2023

Gold prices in Pakistan have been steadily increasing since 2021 and are expected to continue their upward trend throughout 2023. According to experts, the price of gold is set to reach an all-time high by the end of 2023, as a result of increasing global demand and economic instability caused by Covid-19. Investors looking for long term returns should consider investing in gold now while it is still relatively affordable.

Gold Price in Pakistan 24K

Gold prices in Pakistan for 24K have been rising steadily over the past few months. As of March 2021, the price was around PKR 93000 per tola, or 11.6 grams. Investors and buyers alike are being advised to watch out for any sudden changes in gold prices as they can fluctuate significantly depending on global market conditions and other economic factors such as inflation rates, currency exchange rates, and political uncertainties.

Gold Price in Pakistan History Last 30 Days

The gold price in Pakistan has seen a significant increase over the last 30 days, with prices rising from around PKR 90,500 per tola at the start of August to a high of PKR 94,800 per tola on September 4th. This is due largely to increased demand from both domestic and international buyers as well as an overall appreciation of the Pakistani Rupee against major currencies. The gold market will likely remain volatile during this period; however, it appears that prices may continue their upward trajectory in the coming weeks.

Gold Price in Pakistan Graph

The gold price graph in Pakistan has been steadily increasing over the past decade, with a high of Rs.86,000 per tola (11.66 grams) in 2019. This is due to various factors including an increase in global demand for gold and local events such as weddings and religious festivals that drive up prices further. As a result of this trend, many investors are now looking at investing their money into gold instead of traditional investment options such as stocks and bonds which provide lower returns than gold does currently in Pakistan.

Gold Price in Pakistan 24K Per Tola

The price of gold in Pakistan is currently at Rs. 130,800 per tola (24K). The current rate has been steadily increasing since the beginning of 2021 and is likely to remain high as global economic uncertainty continues. Gold prices are affected by many factors such as inflation, currency exchange rates, political instability and demand from investors.

In times of crisis or financial volatility, gold is often seen as a safe haven asset that can provide stability for those looking to protect their wealth.


In conclusion, gold prices in Pakistan have always been volatile and can fluctuate drastically from one day to the next. It is important for investors to keep track of these changes in order to make informed decisions when investing in gold. Additionally, it is wise to consult with a financial advisor before investing significant amounts of money into this precious metal.

With knowledge and proper investment strategies, individuals may be able to benefit from the current market trends of gold price in Pakistan.

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