1 Gram Gold Price in Pakistan Today

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1 Gram Gold Price in Pakistan Today Today’s 1 Gram gold rate in Pakistan is Rs. 10,700 as of 10th February 2020. The rates are updated on a daily basis and were last revised on 9th February 2020.

The prices are derived from the international gold price and converted into Pakistani rupees according to the forex rates today. The following table shows how much 1 gram of gold costs in different cities of Pakistan:

What is the Price of 10 Gm Gold in Pakistan?

As of October 2019, the price of 10 grams of gold in Pakistan is approximately Rs. 85,000. This rate may change slightly depending on the market conditions at the time of purchase.

What is the Price of 1 Gram 24K Gold in Pakistan?

As of today, 1 gram of 24K gold is worth Rs. 87,500 in Pakistan. This rate is subject to change as the value of gold is constantly fluctuating on the international market. However, this gives you a general idea of how much one gram of 24K gold would cost in Pakistan.

What is 1 Tola Gold Price in Pakistan?

Gold is a precious metal that has been used as currency and jewelry for centuries. The gold market is constantly changing, affected by political and economic events, so the price of gold varies daily. As of August 2020, 1 tola of gold is worth approximately Rs. 102,000 in Pakistan.

The value of gold is measured in troy ounces (1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams), with one tola being equal to 11.6638038 grams. In Pakistan, the price of gold is usually quoted in Pakistani rupees per tola. Factors that affect the price of gold include supply and demand, inflation, central bank reserve buying and selling, and geopolitical events.

Gold is often seen as a safe investment during times of economic or political turmoil, which can drive up prices. For example, when tensions rise between Pakistan and India, the price of gold tends to increase in Pakistan due to increased demand from investors seeking a safe haven for their assets.

How Much 22 Carat Gold in Pakistan?

As of September 2019, the price of 22 carat gold in Pakistan is Rs. 75,600 per tola. One tola is equal to 180 troy grams or 11.6638038 grams.

Gold Price in Pakistan 22K

Gold prices in Pakistan are currently at Rs.80,600 per tola. The price of gold has seen a slight uptick in recent months, however the overall trend has been downwards since early 2019. Gold is often seen as a safe haven investment and its price is closely linked to global economic conditions.

In Pakistan, gold is also popular for use in weddings and other special occasions. The current political and economic climate in Pakistan is relatively stable, which has helped to keep gold prices steady. However, there are some concerns about the country’s fiscal deficit and rising inflationary pressures.

These factors could lead to increased gold prices in the future.

Gold Price in Pakistan 2023

The gold price in Pakistan is expected to reach Rs. 100,000 per tola by 2023, according to a report by the World Gold Council (WGC). Currently, the gold price in Pakistan is Rs. 85,000 per tola. The WGC said that the rising prices are due to an increase in demand for gold and a decrease in supply.

It added that the global economic uncertainty is also contributing to the rise in prices. In its report, the WGC forecasted that the gold price would continue to rise in the next few years and could even reach $2,000 per ounce by 2025.

Today Gold Rate in Pakistan in Urdu

The current gold rate in Pakistan is Rs. 85,600 per tola. The price of 24 karat gold is Rs. 75,540 per 10 grams. 22K gold costs Rs. 69,460 per 10 grams.

Gold Price in Pakistan Chart

Gold Price in Pakistan Chart: The gold price in Pakistan chart is a graphical representation of the movement in the gold prices over a period of time. The prices are represented in Pakistani Rupees (PKR) per gram.

The chart covers data for the last 30 days and is updated daily. The gold price in Pakistan reached an all-time high of PKR 139,900 per tola (11.66 grams) on October 7, 2020. On that day, the price of 10 grams of gold was PKR 119,200.

The previous record high was PKR 138,000 per tola which was set on December 12, 2012. The recent surge in gold prices is attributed to a number of factors including global economic uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic and tensions between the US and China. Gold is seen as a safe haven investment during times of economic turmoil and political uncertainly.

In Pakistan, gold is used primarily for jewelry but it also has religious significance as many Muslims consider it haram (forbidden) to wear or use anything made from gold other than for medical purposes. Despite this belief, demand for gold jewelry continues to grow especially among wealthier Pakistanis who can afford it.

Gold Price in Pakistan 21K

Gold is a valuable metal that has been used for centuries as both a currency and a store of value. Today, the gold price in Pakistan is 21k per tola, which is equivalent to about $619 USD. This makes gold quite affordable for many people in Pakistan.

Gold is often purchased as jewelry or as an investment, and it is also used in some religious ceremonies.

Dollar Rate in Pakistan

The dollar rate in Pakistan is determined by the interbank market and is based on the international currency rates. The Pakistani rupee was devalued several times since independence in 1947. The most recent devaluation occurred in December of 2016 when the Pakistani rupee reached an all-time low against the US dollar.

As of July of 2017, 1 US dollar is equal to 104 Pakistani rupees.

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today Per Tola 12 Gram

Gold prices in Pakistan are updated at Monday 04 March 2019, 07:00 pm, GMT (Monday 04 March 2019, 11:00 pm, Islamabad time) 1 Tola Gold Rate = Rs. 64,600.00 per tola


Gold is a precious metal that has been used as a form of currency, jewelry, and other decorative items for centuries. The gold price in Pakistan fluctuates based on the international market; however, it is generally affordable for most people. Gold is a popular choice for gifts and investment purposes

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