Lbj School of Public Affairs Address

February 11, 2023 0 Comments

The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs is a top-ranked public policy school located at The University of Texas at Austin. The school offers professional degrees in public affairs and global policy studies, as well as a joint degree with the LBJ School of Law. The school is named after President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who served as a U.S. Representative, Senator, and Vice President before becoming President.

The LBJ School of Public Affairs was founded in 1970 as the nation’s first graduate program in public policy analysis and administration. Since then, the school has educated more than 5,000 alumni who are making a difference in the world through their careers in government, nonprofits, business, and academia. The school’s faculty includes some of the leading scholars in their fields, who conduct groundbreaking research on pressing issues facing the world today.

The LBJ School is committed to preparing its students for leadership roles in public service and to developing their skills in policy analysis and decision-making. The school provides an intellectually rigorous education that gives students the knowledge and tools they need to be effective leaders in today’s complex world.

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