Machu Picchu History

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Machu Picchu History In the 15th century, the Incas conquered most of what is now Peru. The Spanish conquistadors arrived in the early 16th century and began to defeat the Inca armies.

In 1533, the last Inca emperor, Atahualpa, was captured by Spanish forces. In 1572, the Spaniards founded a city called Lima, which became the capital of their South American colony. The Spaniards never found Machu Picchu, which remained hidden in the mountains until 1911, when it was rediscovered by an American historian named Hiram Bingham.

What to See Inside Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an ancient site located in modern-day Peru. The site was built by the Inca people and is one of the most well-preserved examples of Inca architecture. Machu Picchu was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 and is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in South America.

There are many things to see inside Machu Picchu, including the main plaza, temples, palaces, and residential areas. The main plaza is the largest open space at Machu Picchu and would have been used for religious ceremonies and other public gatherings. The temples at Machu Picchu were likely used for worshiping the Inca gods.

The palaces would have been home to the elite members of Inca society, while the residential areas were occupied by commoners. Today, visitors to Machu Picchu can explore all of these different areas and learn more about the history and culture of the Inca people. If you’re planning a trip to Machu Picchu, be sure to allow plenty of time to explore everything this amazing site has to offer!

Huayna Picchu

Huayna Picchu is a mountain located in the Cusco Region of Peru. It is part of the Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mountain provides stunning views of the surrounding area, as well as an up-close look at the Inca ruins located on its peak.

The hike to Huayna Picchu is not for the faint of heart – it’s steep and narrow in places, with some vertigo-inducing drop-offs. But those who make the trek are rewarded with incredible views, both of the surrounding mountains and valleys, and of Machu Picchu itself. Huayna Picchu is also home to several Inca ruins, including an temple that was dedicated to the god Viracocha.

The site also has several burial sites, including one that contains the remains of an infant. If you’re planning on visiting Machu Picchu, be sure to add a hike to Huayna Picchu to your itinerary!

Why is Machu Picchu Important

Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru. Built in the 15th century and later abandoned, it lay hidden for centuries until being rediscovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South America.

So why is Machu Picchu so important? For starters, it’s an incredible feat of engineering. The site was carefully planned and constructed using stone blocks that fit together perfectly without mortar.

It’s a testimony to the skill of the Inca builders. Machu Picchu is also a valuable archaeological site that has yielded a wealth of information about the Inca civilization. And it’s not just historians and archaeologists who are interested in Machu Picchu – the site has become a symbol of Peruvian national identity and pride.

Conclusion Machu Picchu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Peru. Every year, thousands of people travel to Machu Picchu to see its ancient ruins and stunning scenery. If you’re planning a trip to Machu Picchu, be sure to add these other amazing places to your itinerary.

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