Transferring photos from your iPhone to a laptop can be done quickly and easily for free. The process requires an Apple ID, iTunes software installed on the computer, and a USB cable used to connect the phone to the laptop. Once connected, you will have to open up iTunes on your laptop and select the “Photos” option in order for it to recognize your iPhone.

You will then see all of your pictures appear in the library that you can transfer over with ease!

How to Transfer Photos from Iphone to Pc Windows 10 Without Itunes

Transferring photos from your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC without using iTunes is easy! All you need is a USB cable and the Windows Photos app. Simply connect the two devices with the USB cable, open up the Photos app on your PC, select “Import > From a USB device,” then choose which photos you’d like to transfer over.

You can also copy and paste individual images or folders directly onto your computer for even easier transfers.

How to Transfer Photos from Iphone to External Hard Drive

Transferring photos from an iPhone to an external hard drive is a simple and straightforward process. All you need to do is connect the external hard drive to your computer, open iTunes, select the device icon for your connected iPhone, and then select “Back Up Now” in the Summary tab. Once this backup has been completed successfully, use Finder on Mac or File Explorer on Windows to locate the Photos folder in iCloud Drive and copy all of your photos onto the external hard drive.

This will ensure that all of your photos are securely stored away!


In conclusion, transferring photos from an iPhone to a computer can be done relatively easily. Using the iCloud service or connecting your device via USB cable are two simple methods for achieving this task. Both involve a few steps but are worth the time and effort when you want to free up space on your phone while still keeping all your memories safe and secure.

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