Best Whiskey for Old Fashioned

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There are a lot of different types of whiskey out there, and it can be hard to figure out which one is the best for an Old Fashioned. Here is a guide to help you choose the best whiskey for your next Old Fashioned cocktail. The first thing to consider when choosing a whiskey for your Old Fashioned is the type of whiskey.

There are four main types of whiskey: bourbon, rye, Scotch, and Irish. Each type of whiskey has its own unique flavor profile that will affect the taste of your cocktail. Bourbon is the most popular choice for an Old Fashioned and it’s also my personal favorite.

Bourbon has a sweet, rich flavor that goes well with the other ingredients in an Old Fashioned. Some great bourbons to use in an Old Fashioned include Bulleit Bourbon, Maker’s Mark, and Knob Creek. Rye whiskey is another good option for an Old Fashioned.

Rye has a spicy flavor that pairs well with the sweetness of the other ingredients. Some good ryes to use in an Old Fashioned include Rittenhouse Rye and Sazerac Rye. Scotch whisky is another option for your cocktail.

Scotch has a smoky flavor that will add a new dimension to your drink. Some good Scotches to use in an Old Fashioned include Johnnie Walker Black Label and Highland Park 12 Year old single malt whisky . finally we have Irish Whiskey .

Jameson is always going to be at top pick , but if you want something else Tullamore D E W or Redbreast 12 year old are both excellent choices These are just a few suggestions for whiskeys that would be great in an Old-Fashioned Cocktail recipe.

Best Old Fashioned Recipe

There are many recipes for the perfect old fashioned. This classic cocktail can be made with either bourbon or rye whiskey, and is garnished with a cherry and an orange slice. The key to a great old fashioned is in the balance of sweet and bitter flavors.

The first step is to choose your whiskey. Bourbon will give the drink a sweeter flavor, while rye will make it more savory. If you’re using bourbon, add a sugar cube to your glass.

If you’re using rye, add a dash of bitters. Add a splash of water or club soda to help dissolve the sugar or bitters. Next, add your whiskey of choice and give it a good stir.

Garnish with a cherry and an orange slice, and enjoy!

Old Fashioned Ingredients Few Dashes Plain Water

When it comes to making a delicious cocktail, the old fashioned is a classic for a reason. And while the ingredients are simple – just whiskey, bitters, sugar and water – there’s an art to getting the perfect balance of flavors. The first step is to choose your whiskey.

A good quality bourbon or rye will work well, but if you have a favorite spirit, feel free to use that. Next, add a few dashes of bitters. This will help to round out the sweetness of the sugar and give the drink some complexity.

Then, it’s time for the sugar. You can use either a simple syrup or just regular sugar dissolved in a bit of water. Again, it’s all about finding that perfect balance of flavors, so start with less sugar and add more to taste.

Finally, add a splash of plain water. This helps to open up the flavors of the other ingredients and makes for a smoother drink overall. Now it’s time to stir everything together until well combined and enjoy!

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