Baltit Fort is constructed entirely

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The Baltit Fort is constructed entirely of stone and wood, with no metal fixtures or fittings. The main body of the fort is three stories high, with a fourth story added later. The entrance to the fort is through a massive wooden door which leads into a large courtyard.

From here, there are staircases leading up to the various levels of the fort. The interior of Baltit Fort is just as impressive as its exterior. The rooms are decorated with beautiful tapestries and carvings, and there are several secret passages hidden throughout thefortress.

One particularly interesting feature is the “mirror room”, where mirrors were used to reflect sunlight into darkened areas ofthe building. Although it has been abandoned for many years, Baltit Fort still stands today as an awe-inspiring testimony to human craftsmanship and engineering. It is truly oneof a kind!

Baltit Fort is How Many Years Old

Baltit Fort is a historic fort located in the Hunza valley, in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. The fort is around 1,000 years old and was built by the rulers of the former princely state of Hunza. It was the seat of power for the Mirs of Hunza, who ruled over the area for centuries.

In 1947, when Pakistan gained independence from British rule, Hunza became a part of Pakistan and Baltit Fort became a popular tourist destination. Today, Baltit Fort is one of the most visited places in Gilgit-Baltistan and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Baltit Fort Location The Baltit Fort is located in the Hunza Valley of Pakistan. The fort was built in the 13th century and is one of the most well-preserved forts in the region. The fort was the capital of the former princely state of Hunza, and it served as a stronghold against invaders from Tibet and Afghanistan.

Today, the fort is a popular tourist destination, and it offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

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