Lahore Tik Tok Star Bio Graphy

Lahore Tik Tok Star Bio Graphy
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Lahore-based TikTok star Jannat Mirza is a social media sensation. She has over 10 million followers on the video-sharing platform and is known for her comedic videos and lip-syncing skills. Born in 1998, Mirza grew up in a small town in Punjab province before moving to Lahore for college.

She started posting videos on TikTok in 2018 and quickly gained a large following. Mirza’s videos often feature her friends and family, and she has collaborated with several other Pakistani TikTok stars. In 2019, she won the “TikTok Queen of Pakistan” award at the KSA Social Media Awards.

Lahore is a city in Pakistan that is home to many TikTok stars. Some of the most popular TikTok stars from Lahore include Jannat Mirza, Areeba Habib, and Bilal Ashraf. These three stars have amassed a large following on the social media platform due to their creative and entertaining content.

Jannat Mirza is one of the most followed TikTok stars in Pakistan. She has over 8 million followers on the platform and is known for her creative lip-syncing videos. Jannat’s content often revolves around Pakistani culture and she frequently collaborates with other Pakistani celebrities.

Areeba Habib is another popular TikTok star from Lahore. She has over 5 million followers on the social media platform and is known for her funny videos and dance routines. Areeba often collaborates with other Pakistani TikTok stars such as Jannat Mirza and Bilal Ashraf.

Bilal Ashraf is a well-known actor in Pakistan who has also gained popularity on TikTok. He has over 4 million followers on the social media platform and is known for his comedic videos and acting skills. Bilal has collaborated with many well-known Pakistani celebrities including Mahira Khan and Atif Aslam.

How Old is Jannat Mirza?

Jannat Mirza is a social media personality from Pakistan. She was born on February 4, 1998, in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. As of 2021, she is 22 years old.

Jannat Mirza rose to fame after posting videos on the short-video sharing app TikTok. She quickly gained popularity and amassed a large following on the app. Her videos often feature her dancing and lip-syncing to popular songs.

In addition to her work on TikTok, Jannat has also appeared in various Pakistani television shows and films. In 2020, she was ranked as the most followed person on TikTok in Pakistan. She has also been ranked as one of the top 10 most followed people on TikTok globally.

Is Sehar Hayat Tik Toker Married?

No, Sehar Hayat is not married. The Pakistani social media star and TikToker has not shared any information about her relationship status or whether she is in a romantic relationship. However, she has posted several videos with a man named Areeb Malik, leading many to believe that the two may be dating.

Who is No 1 Tiktok Star in Pakistan?

TikTok is a social media platform where users can share short videos of themselves. TikTok has become extremely popular in Pakistan, with many Pakistani celebrities joining the platform. The most popular TikTok star in Pakistan is undoubtedly Hareem Shah.

Hareem Shah is a model and social media influencer who rose to fame on TikTok. She has over 10 million followers on the platform and her videos have been viewed over 200 million times. Hareem is known for her funny and entertaining videos, which often feature Pakistani politics and current affairs.

How Old is Jannat Anjum?

Jannat Anjum was born on March 18, 2004. She is currently 16 years old.


It is evident that Lahore-based TikTok star has a huge fan following not just in Pakistan but all over the world. With her creative and entertaining videos, she has managed to win hearts and followers. Her bio graphy is an inspiring story of how one can make their dreams come true with dedication and hard work.

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