The best iPad tricks for drawing

iPad tricks
February 18, 2023 0 Comments

The iPad Pro is one of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re just starting out as an artist or you’ve been painting for years, the iPad Pro is your right hand. It’s no surprise that the Best iPad Pro 12.9″ Case has been named the top choice for artist’s multiple times. Artists can use it anywhere because of how small it is, how fast its processor is, and how easy it is to carry. Use these tips to get the most out of your device.

Pick the Best App

A good drawing app is a great way to use the iPad Pro’s strengths to their fullest. Even though Procreate is often thought of as the best app for drawing on the iPad Pro, there are other good ones. Brushes, Adobe Ideas, Photoshop, Sketches, and Art Studio are some of these. A good drawing app will let you choose from different brushes and pens and let you add layers.

Practice makes you better

Even if you are a professional artist, take the time to play around and practise, especially when you are trying out a new app. Although drawing on the iPad Pro feels similar to doing so in real time, it is still a different medium. Take the time to learn how to tilt your hand and how to apply pressure to get different results. Test the app’s features and see how to layer, create effects, use different mediums, or undo mistakes.

The key is layers

Drawing on an iPad offers you a different control element thanks to layers. All drawing apps have the option to work with layers. You can group and layer different parts of your drawing so that you can change them separately. Instead of hitting the undo button, you can change or remove a layer. You can also use layers to test how effects such as shading or brushes affect the overall look. And if you don’t like it, you can just take it off.


Drawing with a brush is a handy method of personalizing your artwork. Choose between thin, flat, fat, even-edged, round, spikey, coarse, and fine. Most apps allow you to customise each brush or create new ones—the world is your oyster. Although almost all drawing apps include brushes, you can always purchase and download more to add to your library.

Apple Pencil

When used together, the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro are a great tool for any artist. You have pixel-perfect precision on a powerful device. Apple’s stylus pen has almost no lag, so it can keep up with your drawings. It is also sensitive to tilt and pressure. The more you press on the screen, the more the masterpiece changes. The Apple Pencil includes palm rejection, which means you won’t mess up the drawing if you rest your hand on the screen. Making perfectly straight lines and geometric shapes makes it easy to draw details.

Stay with what you know

At first, it might be too much to switch from drawing with a pen and paper to drawing on a computer. Don’t jump right into the deep end. Instead, stick to the basics. Start by drawing a rough sketch on paper. Scan it with your iPad, and then put it into the app you use to draw. Use it as a starting point and try out different brushes, colours, and shading to see what you can make. When you draw on a computer, it’s great that you can easily erase mistakes and start over.

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How to Draw Better: Three Tips

Check out tutorials online for help. You have access to a huge number of online videos that show you how to learn a skill or solve a problem.

Take a break. It’s easy to get stuck on a small detail, which can make the creative process frustrating. Step back, clear your mind, and then come back to it with a new perspective.
Draw where there is a lot of light. Good lighting, especially if it is natural light, helps reduce eye strain and possibly headaches.