How to Repair Corrupt Outlook PST Files – A Reliable Method

Repair Corrupt Outlook PST Files
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Emails and other mailbox items in Outlook are saved on the user’s computer as PST files, which stand for Personal Storage files. Like any other file, PST files can become corrupted or damaged in other ways. When emails and other mailbox objects in Outlook can’t be found, it’s because the PST file is broken. No matter what version of Outlook a person is using, they may sometimes have trouble with this kind of inaccessibility.

Here are some well-known things that can damage PST files:

When Outlook is open, the computer shuts down all of a sudden.
Outlook wasn’t shut down correctly.
Errors in the physical storage media.
The headers of PST files are broken on the inside.
The maximum file size is 2 GB (if the PST file has been created in Outlook versions earlier than 2007).

A malicious virus strikes

Any of the above things can cause damage to your PST files, leaving you in a tough spot. When the PST file is broken, MS Outlook can’t get to your emails, notes, contacts, calendars, and other things in your email account. In this article, we’ll talk about a few ways to handle a situation like this.

Here are a few ways that you can fix PST files by hand:

Setting up a new account in Outlook
The best way to get emails, contacts, and other data out of a PST file that has become corrupted is to use a backup. If you have a backup of the corrupted PST file, you can quickly get your email items back by making a new user account in Outlook. This only takes a few minutes. After making a new user account, you can restore all of your emails by importing the backup PST file into it.

Inbox Repair Tool from Microsoft

If you don’t have a backup of the damaged PST file, you must use the Microsoft Inbox Fix application to fix it. After the tool finishes the recovery process, you will be able to use your current Outlook account to get to your emails and other objects that go with them. The best thing about the Inbox Repair Tool is that you don’t have to buy it because it comes with Outlook as a repair tool.

Here are some tips to help you use the Inbox Repair programmer, which is also called Scanpst.exe:

1. Click on the Windows Start button to get the search going.
2. In the Search Window, click the link for All files and folders, then type scanpst.exe.
3. If you double-click Scanpst.exe, it will start.

4. Use the following paths to find the location of the damaged PST file:

Navigate to C:Users%username%. In Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista, the AppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlook folder is located. For Windows 10: %username%Local SettingsMicrosoftOutlookApplication DataC: Documents and Settings

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5. Press the button marked “Start.” After the programmer is done scanning, you can fix it, and it will tell you that the fix was successful by showing you a message.

Even if the programmer says the operation was successful, your PST file might not have been restored at all. You can get to your emails through your Outlook account. If the file is fixed successfully, Outlook will work normally with it. If it can’t be fixed, use a trusted third-party programmer to fix the damaged PST file.

A Computerized Method to Fix Corrupted Outlook PST Files

A reliable way to get back emails, notes, contacts, to-do lists, and other things from a corrupted PST file is to use a third-party program. Using a third-party solution, you can fix the broken PST file in just a few minutes. It has found a way to fix your Outlook inbox that can’t be beat. You can fix any kind of broken PST file with the Outlook PST File Repair Tool.

Some of the best things about Outlook PST Repair software are that it is an advanced and safe

application and that it can recover ANSI/UNICODE PST files.

Do a quick recovery of the folders you have chosen.
All of your data, including emails, contacts, and calendars, can be recovered.
Working with Outlook in any of its forms is a pleasure.
It’s safe to get things back that have been deleted.
Using the most up-to-date versions of Windows
Before being converted, things are cleaned up.
The truth of the information has not been changed in any way.
You can recover the needed PST file. You can try the software for free. You can use PST files that are password-protected.
Features of the Outlook PST Recovery Tool in detail
Fix PST files that are corrupted or can’t be opened.
The Outlook Email Recovery Tool is one of the best ways to fix broken or corrupted PST files. It can recover everything from corrupted or damaged Outlook files, including emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, journals, and so on, without changing the integrity of the data.

A Preview and Close Look

The software carefully checks the uploaded broken PST file. After recovery, the PST file’s parts are shown in a tree view, so users can look at everything and choose to restore everything or just some of it. Both ANSI and Unicode PST files can be recovered with this tool.

Even big PST files can be fixed

With this Outlook Recovery Tool, PST files of any size can be fixed quickly. It finds all the important information quickly and lets users save the recovered PST file wherever they want. PST files can be any size they want to be with this programmer.

Emails can be saved in a number of different ways

After the PST file recovery process is done, customers can save all of their PST emails or just some of them in different file formats. With the Repair PST Tool, users can save objects that have been fixed in PST, EML, EMLX, and MBOX formats. During the process, the structure of the folders is completely safe.

The PST recovery process is fast and safe

With this tool, the whole PST email recovery process is quick and easy. All of the steps in Outlook File Repair are easy to understand, so users won’t have any trouble using it. The utility recovers and exports PST data objects while keeping all email attributes.

There is no installation of Outlook

The best thing about the PST File Repair Program is that it can get PST data items without using MS Outlook. You do not need to install MS Outlook in order to get back the entries in a PST file. However, the programme can recover data from PST files from all Outlook versions.

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