How to Change OST Emails to Thunderbird Emails in 4 Easy Steps

Thunderbird Emails in 4 Easy Steps
February 16, 2023 0 Comments

People who use OST files often look for ways to convert OST files in Thunderbird. So, the goal of this article is to help users and give them all the information they need to know about converting OST files to Thunderbird.

Before we talk about how to convert OST files to Thunderbird, we want to answer some questions about OST files, Thunderbird, and why it’s hard to convert OST files to MBOX files.

An Examination of OST and Thunderbird

Offline Storage Table, or OST, is a file that is made automatically by the offline folders function in Microsoft Outlook. OST files are used when MS Exchange Server isn’t connected to the internet. When you’re working in offline mode, OST files are used. When you connect to the internet, OST files are synced with Exchange. After this is done, Outlook goes online, and all the saved information and data are immediately made available to the client. Only for OST files can you easily work offline, and when you go online, the server is automatically updated. So, OST files let you work even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

When you work in offline mode, Microsoft Outlook makes a copy of your mailbox on Exchange Server. This copy is called offline folders and ends in /.st. The above-mentioned file is created locally on your computer and named offline.file. It is an exact copy of the folders in a specific user’s Exchange mailbox. When you connect to the server, any changes you made while you were offline are automatically synchronised.

Now we’ll talk about Thunderbird, which is a free desktop email client made by the Mozilla Foundation that works on multiple platforms. It can be used for email, chat, and newsgroups. With this app, users can easily keep track of multiple emails, news feed accounts, newsgroups, and so on. It has a lot of features, like the ability to group messages, save search folders, do a quick search, filter messages in more advanced ways, and so on. Mozilla Thunderbird is compatible with mbox extension to save mailbox data. MBOX is a file format for mailboxes that can be used by a family of file extensions. It is used to save data from a large number of electronic mails.

Why people want to convert OST to Thunderbird

No longer can you use Microsoft Outlook and the Exchange Server environment.
I need to be able to open offline files in another Thunderbird mail client that runs on a computer.
If you don’t have Outlook and already have Thunderbird on your system, you can view OST files.
not able to or don’t want to buy the whole MS Office setup.

want to use Thunderbird, which is free, to open Outlook mails that are saved offline.

The answer to “How to Turn an OST File into a Thunderbird File”

As we’ve already said, Outlook or Exchange Server supports the OST extension in offline mode, and Thunderbird supports the MBOX extension. However, the two file extensions are completely different, so it’s not likely that OST files can be automatically converted to Thunderbird. When this happens, users first look for a manual conversion process, but if they can’t find a successful one, they look for another solution. The OST to Thunderbird Converter is the best solution at this time. It can easily convert OST files to Thunderbird with all data details, such as attachments, images, formatting, unread and read status, etc. To learn about, follow the steps of how the solution works.

How to easily change OST to Thunderbird in 4 steps

Select OST files and download the OST to Thunderbird Converter.
Then you can also look at the whole set of data in different ways. With the extract button, it also saves attachments, email addresses, and phone numbers. If you don’t need to do this step, you can skip it.

Now, go to the Export button and choose MBOX or Thunderbird if you want to move directly, but you’ll need to install and set up Thunderbird on your machine first.
After that, choose how you want to save the files, and then click Save to start the process of converting OST to Thunderbird.

After the conversion process is done, you can check Thunderbird to see that all of your data has been saved there. If you chose the MBOX option, you will have to import it into Thunderbird. You can also try OST Converter, which lets you move up to 10 emails from an OST file to Thunderbird for free.