How Much Does It Cost to Create a HealthCare App in 2023?

HealthCare App
February 17, 2023 0 Comments

The pandemic has led to the growth of healthcare apps and become people’s choice for convenience. As a result, COVID-19 has led to a 25% increase in healthcare app downloads.

Witnessing the successful growth of healthcare apps has motivated several entrepreneurs to avail of healthcare app development services to upscale their businesses.

Whenever any business owner contacts an app development company, the first question that concerns them is the cost of developing a healthcare app. There is no definite cost to building a healthcare app as it depends on multiple features, like platform, app design, and more.

Cost-Affecting Factors of Healthcare App Development

App Development Platform

The first factor influencing the healthcare app development cost is the type of platform you pick as per your business requirements. Choosing an Android or iOS platform individually for app development can cost you over $50,000.

However, you can go with cross-platform also as it will save you time & money as developers will build the app using a single codebase. Besides that, cross-platform provides a native-like experience and is easy to maintain. The cost of developing a healthcare app on a cross-platform is more than $75,000.

Integration of App Features

The next must-have feature you should add to your travel app is features that will deliver an excellent user experience. Basic app features are less expensive to implement than complex features, yet paying a significant amount of money will be worthwhile.

For iOS and Android, the cost of developing a healthcare app with basic functionality is over $5,000; if you want extensive features, you should budget at least $10,000.

Creating Visually-Appealing App Design

Designing a healthcare app directly affects the user experience. In other words, the success of your healthcare app is greatly influenced by how it looks. “First impression is the last impression” is also true for healthcare apps.

Over $20,000 is typically spent on the design of a healthcare app. First and foremost, people are drawn to visually appealing app designs. Another benefit of a responsive UI/UX for a healthcare app is that it might improve your brand’s reputation.

Healthcare App Testing Cost

Your intended audience will stop using your app if you have created a high-performing healthcare app but have not conducted adequate testing. Making your app secure is, therefore, essential.

The testing of the healthcare app ensures there are no bugs or errors, and you might spend more than $10,000 testing a healthcare app.

Post-Delivery App Maintenance Services

You should provide timely post-app launch maintenance & support if you want to keep your potential users hooked on your healthcare mobile app. By maintaining your healthcare application regularly, you can provide a smooth user experience for your users, resulting in more significant business potential.

Additionally, the post-app launch maintenance & support services help keep your brand ahead of the competition. In terms of maintenance & support, the healthcare app might cost over $10,000, and it will be worth it.