Is Pakistan Good in Education?

February 18, 2023 0 Comments

Pakistan’s education system is in dire need of reform. The country has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world, and out-of-school children reportedly make up a third of its population. While there are some schools that offer quality education, they are often prohibitively expensive for most families.

And even when students are able to attend school, they often face rote learning and little critical thinking. That said, there are also many bright spots in Pakistan’s education landscape. A number of innovative initiatives are working to improve access to quality education, increase teacher training and professional development, and promote critical thinking skills among students.

With continued support and investment, these initiatives have the potential to transform Pakistan’s education system into one that meets the needs of 21st century learners.

Where Does Pakistan Rank in Education?

Pakistan is currently ranked at number 145 out of 188 countries in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Education for All Development Index (EFA DI). This ranking was determined by a combination of factors including adult literacy rates, primary school enrollment rates, secondary school enrollment rates, and tertiary school enrollment rates. Pakistan has an adult literacy rate of approximately 60%.

While this is an improvement from previous years, it still lags behind many other countries. The primary school enrollment rate in Pakistan is 79%, which again is an improvement but there are still 21% of eligible children not enrolled in school. The secondary school enrollment rate is lower at 46%.

This means that more than half of eligible children are not enrolled in secondary school. The tertiary school enrollment rate is even lower at just 14%. There are a number of reasons why Pakistan ranks so low on the EFA DI.

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