Where is Ducky Bhai From?

February 9, 2023 0 Comments

Ducky Bhai is originally from Pakistan but he now resides in Canada. He is a popular YouTube personality and has over two million subscribers. Ducky Bhai’s real name is Bilal Ahmed and he was born on October 28, 1993.

He initially gained popularity for his gaming videos but has since expanded his content to include vlogs, challenges, and pranks. Ducky Bhai is known for his comedic style and friendly personality.

Who is Fiance of Ducky Bhai?

Ducky Bhai is a YouTube personality who is known for his comedic videos. His real name is Faizan Syed, and he was born in Karachi, Pakistan. He currently resides in Canada with his family.

Ducky Bhai’s fiance is Areeba Habib. Areeba is also from Karachi, and the two have been together for over four years. They got engaged in 2018, and are planning on getting married sometime in 2020.

Is Ducky Bhai Getting Married?

No, Ducky Bhai is not getting married. There have been rumors circulating that he is engaged, but he has not confirmed this himself. He has said in the past that he is not ready to settle down and get married yet.

How Much Money Does Ducky Bhai Make?

Ducky Bhai is one of the most popular YouTubers in Pakistan. He has over 4 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed over 400 million times. His channel is all about gaming, comedy and vlogging.

So how much money does Ducky Bhai make? Well, it’s difficult to say exactly as his earnings will vary depending on a number of factors such as sponsorship deals, ad revenue etc. However, we can estimate that he earns somewhere in the region of $100,000-$300,000 per year from his YouTube channel alone.

This doesn’t include any additional income from sponsorships or other ventures. So there you have it! Ducky Bhai is certainly making a very comfortable living from his YouTube channel and we can only imagine that this will continue to grow in the years to come!

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