What is the Best Alcohol to Make an Old Fashioned With?

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There are a few schools of thought when it comes to what alcohol is best for making an Old Fashioned. The original recipe calls for bourbon, but many bartenders and drinkers prefer rye whiskey instead. Some people also like to use scotch, while others find the smokiness of scotch to be too much.

Ultimately, it’s up to you what kind of alcohol you want to use in your Old Fashioned. Bourbon is the most popular choice for an Old Fashioned and it’s what the drink was originally made with. Bourbon is a type of American whiskey that is made from at least 51% corn.

It has a sweet, smooth flavor with notes of vanilla and caramel. Rye whiskey is another popular choice for an Old Fashioned. It’s made from at least 51% rye grain and has a spicy, dry flavor with notes of pepper and cloves.

Scotch whisky is also sometimes used in an Old Fashioned. Scotch is made from malted barley and has a smoky, peaty flavor with hints of sweetness. So, what’s the best alcohol to use in an Old Fashioned?

That’s up to you! Try out different types of alcohol and see which one you like best.

Best Bourbon for Old Fashioned

There are many different types of bourbon that can be used for an Old Fashioned. The best bourbon for an Old Fashioned is one that has a rich, sweet flavor. A good bourbon for an Old Fashioned should also have a strong aroma.

Some of the best bourbons for an Old Fashioned include: -Bulleit Bourbon: This bourbon has a strong flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel. It is made in Kentucky and has a high rye content, which gives it a unique flavor profile.

-Knob Creek Bourbon: This bourbon is also made in Kentucky and has a sweeter flavor than most other bourbons. It is aged for nine years, which gives it a deep, rich flavor. -Maker’s Mark Bourbon: This bourbon is made in Loretto, Kentucky and has a very distinct taste.

It is sweet with notes of vanilla and caramel.

Smoked Old Fashioned

There are few cocktails as classic as the Old Fashioned. This drink has been around since the 1800s, and its popularity has only grown in recent years. The key to a good Old Fashioned is using high-quality ingredients, and that includes the whiskey.

For this Smoked Old Fashioned recipe, we’re using a smoky single malt Scotch whisky. Combined with bitters and a touch of sugar, it makes for a delicious cocktail that’s perfect for sipping on a cold winter’s night.

Old Fashioned Recipe Simple Syrup

Old Fashioned Recipe Simple Syrup Ingredients: 1 cup sugar

1 cup water Instructions: 1. Combine sugar and water in a small saucepan over medium heat.

2. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the sugar has dissolved. 3. Remove from heat and let cool completely before using.

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