Go snorkeling or scuba diving

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Hiking to the top is a popular activity for visitors. 2) Go snorkeling or scuba diving – With clear waters and plenty of marine life, St. Lucia is a great place to explore underwater. There are many dive operators offering tours and equipment rental.

3) Visit a rainforest – St. Lucia is home to several rainforests which can be explored via hiking trails or zip-lining tours. The Eden Rock Nature Reserve is a good option for those looking for an easy hike with stunning views at the end. 4) Take a scenic drive – There are several scenic drives around St. Lucia that offer panoramic views of the island’s coastline and mountains.

The Drive-in Volcano is a must-do for anyone visiting St. Lucia. 5) Sample local food – Be sure to try some of the local dishes such as saltfish fritters, callaloo soup, and grilled lobster tail during your stay in St .Lucia .6) Shop in Castries – The capital city of Castries is home to several markets where you can find locally made arts and crafts, souvenirs, and more .7 ) Go whale watching – From December to March , humpback whales can be spotted off the coast of St .

Lucia . 8 ) Learn about Saint Lucian culture – A visit to one of the island’s museums or cultural centers will give you insights into Saint Lucian history and traditions .9 ) Attend a festival or event – Throughout the year , there are many festivals and events taking place on St .Lucia including Jazz Fest , Carnival ,and Saint Lucian independence celebrations .10 ) Relax on a beach – With over 60 beaches to choose from , visitors will have no problem finding a spot to relax on this tropical island .

Things to Do in St Lucia for Couples

There are plenty of things to do in St Lucia for couples looking to have a romantic vacation. Here are just a few ideas: 1. Enjoy a sunset cruise together.

There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sun sink into the horizon together while sipping on some champagne. 2. Go for a hike or bike ride through one of St Lucia’s lush rainforests. Hold hands and take in all the natural beauty around you.

3. Head to Anse Chastanet beach for a day of relaxing and swimming. Then, enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the nearby restaurants with views of the water. 4. Spend an evening stargazing at Marigot Bay Observatory.

You’ll be amazed at all the stars you can see in the clear night sky!

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