Amateur Boxing License

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An amateur boxing license is required in order to participate in any amateur boxing match or competition. The process for obtaining an amateur boxing license may vary slightly from state to state, but generally involves completing an application and passing a physical examination. Some states also require that applicants provide proof of citizenship or residency, as well as a criminal background check.

Once the application is complete and the physical examination has been passed, the applicant will be issued an amateur boxing license. This license must be renewed on a yearly basis, and there may be a small fee associated with renewing the license. In addition to the annual renewal fee, some states also require that amateurs pay a per-event fee when competing in sanctioned events.

Amateur boxers who wish to turn professional must first obtain a professional boxing license from their state athletic commission. The requirements for obtaining a professional boxing license are generally more stringent than those for an amateur license, and usually involve proving that the boxer has sufficient experience and skill to compete at the professional level.

Usa Boxing Registration Requirements

Whether you’re an amateur or professional boxer, you need to register with USA Boxing before you can compete. Here are the requirements for registration: -You must be a United States citizen or have a green card.

-You must be at least eight years old. There is no maximum age limit. -You must have a valid physical address in the United States.

P.O. boxes are not accepted. -You must provide proof of U.S. residency, such as a driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate. -You must provide two color passport-style photographs taken within the last six months.

One photo must be signed by you across the front; the other should not be signed but should include your full name and address printed on the back. These will become your official USA Boxing membership cards.

Pakistan Boxing Federation

In Pakistan, boxing is a popular sport with a long and rich history. The Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) is the national governing body for the sport of boxing in Pakistan. The PBF was founded in 1951 and is affiliated with the International Boxing Association (AIBA).

The PBF is responsible for promoting and developing the sport of boxing in Pakistan, as well as overseeing all amateur and professional boxing activities in the country. Pakistan has produced some world-class boxers over the years, including Olympians Hussain Shah and Mohammad Ali Qamar, who have won medals at the Olympic Games. In recent years, Pakistani boxers have had success at international competitions such as the World Championships and Asian Games.

The PBF works closely with the Pakistani government to promote physical education and sports in schools across Pakistan. The federation also runs its own development programmes to identify and nurture talented young boxers from all over the country. With its commitment to growing the sport of boxing in Pakistan, the PBF is helping to create opportunities for more people to take up this exciting and challenging sport.


The registration for the boxing tournament in Pakistan is now open. All interested participants can register online on the official website of the tournament. The last date to register is 31st May, 2018.

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