Pakistan Sports Board Lahore

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Pakistan Sports Board Lahore is the governing body for sports in Pakistan. It was established in 1962 and is responsible for the promotion and development of sports in the country. The board is headquartered in Lahore and its current president is Muhammad Ali Tariq.

The board oversees the activities of all National Sports Federations (NSFs) and the National Olympic Committee (NOC). It also works with international federations and other sporting bodies to promote Pakistan’s participation in various sporting events. In addition, the board provides financial assistance to athletes, coaches and NSFs for training, competition and infrastructure development.

Pakistan has a rich history in sports, especially cricket, hockey and squash. However, over the years, other sports such as football, tennis and badminton have also gained popularity. The government’s vision is to develop a strong sporting culture in Pakistan and produce world-class athletes who can compete at the highest level.

To achieve this goal, the Pakistan Sports Board has been working hard to improve facilities and create opportunities for talented youngsters to showcase their potential. In recent years, we have seen a number of Pakistani athletes making waves at international competitions. This includes boxer Muhammad Waseem becoming World Champion in 2017, weightlifter Naveed Butt winning a bronze medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and bowler Hasan Ali becoming ICC ODI Player of the Year 2018.

These achievements are a testament to the talent that exists within our nation and with continued support from the government; we are confident that more Pakistani athletes will make us proud on the global stage!

Pakistan Sports Board Karachi

Pakistan Sports Board Karachi is the governing body for all sports in Pakistan. It was established in 1962 and is based in Karachi, Sindh Province. The board is responsible for promoting and developing sports in Pakistan, as well as organizing national and international sporting events.

It also oversees the operations of the country’s National Sports Complexes.

Pakistan Sports Board Contact Number

Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) is the apex body to look after the promotion and development of all sports in Pakistan. It came into being as National Sports Council in 1962 and was renamed as Pakistan Sports Board in 1972. The Board is responsible for sending Pakistani athletes and officials to participate in international events like Olympic Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, etc.

The PSB has its headquarters in Islamabad and its regional offices are located in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta. The Board is governed by a nine-member Executive Committee headed by the Chairman. There are also four Standing Committees of the Board viz;

(i) Finance & Planning Committee; (ii) Selection Committee; (iii) Infrastructure & Facilities Committee; and

(iv) Marketing & Media Rights Committee. The board provides financial assistance to the athletes/teams representing Pakistan at different international championships/events. It also recommends names of players/teams for various national level championships/events organized under its aegis or by other federations/associations from time to time.

Besides this, it looks after construction and maintenance of stadia throughout the country.

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