How Many People Were Affected by the Earthquakes?

February 11, 2023 0 Comments

As of the latest reports, 6,624 people have been affected by the earthquakes. This number is expected to rise as more information comes in and more areas are assessed for damage. At least 98 people have died, with many more still missing.

Thousands of homes and other buildings have been destroyed or damaged, leaving tens of thousands of people displaced. The full extent of the damage is still unknown, but it will undoubtedly be extensive. The earthquakes have also caused widespread power outages and infrastructure damage.

What Has Been the Government’s Response to the Earthquakes

In the wake of the two recent earthquakes that hit Mexico, the Mexican government has taken a number of steps in order to provide aid and assistance to those affected. The first earthquake, which struck on September 7th, was of a magnitude of 8.2 and was the strongest earthquake to hit Mexico in over 100 years. The second earthquake, which occurred just over two weeks later on September 19th, had a magnitude of 7.1 and caused even more damage than the first one.

In total, these earthquakes have claimed the lives of over 400 people and left thousands more injured or homeless. The Mexican government has declared a state of emergency in 12 states and has set up shelters for those who have been displaced by the earthquakes. They are also providing food, water, and medical supplies to those who need it.

In addition, the government is working with private companies and NGOs to provide aid and assistance in the form of financial support, rebuilding efforts, and counseling services for those affected by the earthquakes. The Mexican government’s response to these natural disasters has been praised by many as being efficient and well-organized. They have shown a commitment to helping their citizens in their time of need and are working tirelessly to ensure that everyone gets the help they need.

How Has This Event Impacted Public Opinion of Erdogan

The 2016 Turkish coup d’état attempt took place on 15 July 2016. It was an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the government of Turkey and President Recap Taya Erdogan. The people involved in the coup were a group of military officers and members of the Turkish Armed Forces.

They tried to take control of several key places in Ankara, Istanbul, and other cities across Turkey using tanks, helicopters, and fighter jets. The people involved in the coup were quickly arrested or killed by police and military forces loyal to Erdoğan. The government also used its power to arrest or fire tens of thousands of people who were thought to be involved in the plot or who were critical of Erdoğan.

These actions by the government have been criticized by human rights groups. Erdogan has been public opinion polls since the failed coup attempt. A survey conducted by MetroPOLL Strategic and Social Research Center showed that Erdogan’s approval rating had increased from 46 percent before the attempted coup to 52 percent after it failed.

This increase in support for Erdogan is thought to be due to his quick response to the situation and his handling of the aftermath of the attempted coup.

Conclusion The earthquake in Turkey has left many people dead and thousands of others homeless. This has caused a lot of political unrest, as people are calling for the resignation of President Erdogan. The government has been criticized for its poor handling of the disaster, and many believe that this will be the downfall of Erdogan’s administration.

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